Zipp Mist is the most advanced shaving solution on the market.

Designed for men with sensitive skin, Zipp Mist was developed after five years of intensive research,


What is Zipp Mis?t

Zipp Mist is not a cream at all. It’s a mist and a mixture of 20 moisturizing oils and soothing skin conditioners.


What To Expect With Zipp Mist

With Zipp Mist, you’ll get a clean, smooth and comfortable shave every time. Nothing else comes close.


How Long Will It take To Complete Shaving

Shaving with Zipp Mist will save you time; you’ll be able to complete the morning ritual of shaving in a minute or less.


How Women Benefit

The women’s version has the same oils and moisturizers easy-to-use spray bottle –  A Higher percentage of olive oil & can use it to shave their legs or as a deep, hydrating moisturizer for dry skin – or both.


How Men Benefit

The Man’s Version serves a dual purpose – setting up whiskers for a smooth shave in the morning and moisturizing the skin all day.





We Have Revolutionized Shaving

















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Superior Application

Simply spray to apply Zipp Mist to your skin – a quick mist is all you need. Zipp Mist’s superior application makes typical shaving lotions obsolete. Zipp Mist is a new, revolutionary way to get a quick, smooth shave.

Superior Shave

Zipp Mist has just the right consistency to help your razor – even your electric razor – remove those tough whiskers.

No more fighting that thick, soapy buildup while you shave – Zipp Mist makes it easy to glide over your skin, taking out those tough hairs with ease.

If you are looking for a faster, more comfortable shave, look no further than Zipp Mist.






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 The most advanced and comfortable way to shave today.

Unlike when you use traditional shaving cream, you spray Zipp Mist on your face. Instead of harsh and possibly harmful soap, we use specially formulated skin-care products that soften your hair and at the same time protect your skin. Shaving lotion leaves your face dry and uncomfortable, but with Zipp Mist, your face remains soft and moisturized, even after you’re finished shaving.


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Sterilize your razor blade every time you use it: 100%
Enjoy A Faster Healthy Shave: 96%
Skin care and shaving at the same time: 99%
Eliminates razor burn: 100%














Look Good: 100%
Feel Good: 100%
Save Time: 80%















Our research shows that there are two causes of razor burn:

1) With thick shaving lotion, you have to apply a lot of pressure to remove the soap, which causes excess exfoliation;

2) Traditional shaving lotions contain steric acid, which has a high pH factor and irritates your skin in order to create an effect known as budding.















Hi Tech

We have solved the problem of razor burn with a product called Zipp Mist.With Zipp Mist, you use a light mist, which requires very little pressure to shave. Your razor glides across your face. We created budding without a high pH factor, using broccoli oil and coconut oil, which create budding because of their low molecular structure.

Zipp Mist was developed after five years of intensive research, including the work of four chemical engineers, two from the United States and two from China.















Here are 10 reasons why
We Are best shaving solution.

  1. It’s faster – it takes less than a minute to shave.
  2. If provides a closer shave because there’s less distance between the razor and your face. With traditional shaving cream, there’s too much distance between the razor and your face to get a close shave.
  3. Zipp Mist is the only shaving solution that kills the micro-organisms growing on your razor blade. Every time you use Zipp Mist, it sterilizes your razor blade.
  4. We have eliminated razor burn.
  5. Our 4-ounce bottle is travel friendly and gives you up top 2.5 months of shaving comfort.
  6. Every time you use Zipp Mist, it moisturizes and comforts your skin. You don’t need after-shave.
  7. Zipp Mist is fast and easy to apply. Just spray on a light mist, work it in and you’re ready to shave.
  8. We don’t use any propellants, so our product is environmentally friendly.
  9. Shaving lotion has seven basic ingredients. We use over 20 ingredients, and we offer Zipp Mist at about the same price as traditional shaving cream.
  10. Because of the oils in Zipp Mist, your razor blades will last longer.














We just explained to you why our product is 10 times better than anything else out there. Now we can offer this amazing product for a subscription of only $4 a month.

You get one bottle every two months. And if it isn’t everything that we say it is, you can end your subscription at any time. Another option is to simply order Zipp Mist for $8. Freight is included in the price, so order now.













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