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Hi Tech Shaving

What is Zipp Mist?

Zipp Mist is a new and amazing concept in shaving lotion. Created by intensive research and backed by modern technology, it proves that to get a better shave, we had to change the way you shave.









New Technology in Shaving

It took us six years to develop the perfect combination of oils and skins conditioners that make Zipp Mist an innovative product. Our success was achieved through the work of four chemical engineers – two from the United States and two from China. It was a long and complicated process, but you’ll see that it was worth the wait.

zipp mist

How This Amazing Product Works

Seven of the ingredients in Zipp Mist are specifically designed to soften and moisturize your skin, providing you with a clean and comfortable shave every time. For example,broccoli oil and coconut oil create a budding effect that softens your hair follicles for an easy cut. Meanwhile, olive oil and sesame oilhelp your razor glide across your face. All four of these oils are kind to your skin.





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More Important Advantages to Using Zipp Mist.

In addition, Zipp Mist is the only shaving lotion that sterilizes your razor blade every time you use it – and it’s also one of the only shaving lotions approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Why is Zipp Mist so much better than traditional shaving lotions.

Traditional shaving creams are made up of seven ingredients. After six years of intensive research, we found that it takes 20 specific ingredients to make the complicated process of a close and comfortable shave work.


The result of six years of research is a faster, smoother, more comfortable shave – every time. Razor burn? With Zipp Mist, it’s a thing of the past.