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HiTech Shaving Systems has been on a mission, searching for the perfect shave – and what we found will amaze you.

In our pursuit of the most comfortable and efficient way to shave your face each morning, we discovered that the root of the problem is the density of traditional shaving products. Shaving companies have designed their blades to work with a thick, creamy and messy cream.

Here’s why this is a problem:

1)   Because the cream is so thick, you must apply too much pressure for the blades to contact your face.

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2)   The traditional creamy, soapy substance won’t let the blades glide across your face. It also clogs up your blades on a regular basis.

3)   The razor blades must be at an angle to remove the cream, and, as a result, they scratch your face.

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4)   Traditional shaving lotion has a high pH factor because it’s loaded with stearic acid, which is necessary to create budding so the blades can cut your hair follicles.

Our first job in our search for perfection was to determine exactly what the problem was. We did that, and then we set out to find a solution. We created the perfect shaving product, a light mist rather than a thick, messy cream. It took seven years and six chemical engineers to develop Soft Shave. You can read all about how it works and the theory behind our amazing discovery on the Soft Shave page.

But we weren’t finished just yet. Our research led to the creation of another leading-edge product. When you spray Glide on your razor, it disinfects your blade and helps it glide easily over your face.

And then we designed a razor that accounts for the fact that every face is unique. Concept 56 gives you 1,000 different ways to fine-tune your shave to fit your face.

That’s the story of how, through research, innovation and determination, we developed the perfect shave. In case you haven’t noticed, the major shaving companies don’t tell you how their products give you a better shave. Maybe it’s because their products just don’t measure up. After reading about Soft Shave, Glide and the Concept 56, what do you think?

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