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You might be wondering why anyone would want to get into the shaving business. Well, there’s a good reason for my interest.What draws me to the styling industry is that no two days are alike; that rules out the scope of boredom!

mark goodson

 I have hated shaving most of my adult life because I have an extremely sensitive skin. It seemed like every time I shaved, my face became red, irritated and uncomfortable. I could have given up shaving altogether and grown a beard, but I chose not to. As a result, about 10 years ago, I decided I had to come up with a better and effective solution.

I tried some home remedies I got from Pinterest, but none of them worked very well. So I started reading everything I could about shaving. I learned that hair follicles on your face have the same tensile strength as a copper wire. How do the companies that make and sell traditional shaving cream deal with this issue? They add stearic acid to their products, creating what’s known as budding, which makes it easier to shave. 

But there’s a very important catch: stearic acid is extremely irritating to your skin. 

Keeping all these hurdles and shortcomings in mind, I challenged myself to come up with a better shaving product. I tested thousands of different combinations, working with oils that would be absorbed into hair follicles and make them easier to cut and at the same time serve as a soothing moisturizer. 

When I felt like I was close to the perfect product, I hired the first (of several) chemical engineers from Florida, who studied and produced combinations of the 15 chemicals that I thought would make a great shaving solution. His results were good but still not perfect, so I hired a chemical engineer from Dallas. Again, we made progress but we still weren’t quite there. My next move was to turn the job over to two different chemical engineers in China. The second one came up with an amazing combination of soothing oils, which I took to the University of South Carolina, where two Russian chemical engineers, through hard work, research and innovation, turned it into the perfect shaving product. 

Now you know the story of how HiTech Shaving Systems has evolved and how we created the perfect shave.

Buy our revolutionizing product and be a part of an amazing journey!

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