After using traditional shaving cream since I was a teenager, I was amazed to find out how poorly I was treating my face for 48 years. Zipp Mist is the best shaving product I’ve ever used, and second place isn’t even close. It gives me a clean, smooth shave in less than half the time it used to take. I’m never going back to shaving cream.

– Brian Sherman
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

My husband, father and I are huge fans of Zipp Mist. It’s the only shaving product my sexy bald husband uses. Every day he shaves his face and entire head with Zipp Mist. He is always in a hurry and is thrilled he can shave his face and head in a few minutes. My elderly father used an expensive shaving product from England for the last 10 years and now only uses Zipp Mist. He goes on about how it provides an excellent clean shave on his sensitive skin. Both my husband and father cannot get over the close shaves and dewy feel on their skin after they shave with Zipp Mist and talk about their relief they no longer get cuts or razor burn. I shave my legs and underarms with Zipp Mist and love that my razor glides easily over my skin leaving it baby soft smooth with no nicks and cuts. My husband and I keep a bottle of Zipp Mist handy on my desk and by our kitchen and bathroom sinks to use as a moisturizer alone. We are all truly grateful for this outstanding product. Thank you from us for introducing Zipp Mist to our lives!

– Sally S. McIntyre
From Quebec Canada

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