Concept 56

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HiTech Shaving Systems has come up with the most innovative safety razor on the market. We are the first company to design a multi-blade, interchangeable razor that you can customize to your face –

the Concept 56.



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Here’s how it works. You can shave with anywhere from one to five blades – the choice is yours. Each blade is different, ranging from very sharp to mild. And the razor’s rubber inserts add flexibility so the blades can conform to your face for a smooth, comfortable shave.


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That’s only the beginning of how creative we got with the Concept 56. It also features a roller that helps the razor glide across your face for a smoother, cleaner shave. Not only that, but it also has a pivoting head so the razor easily conforms to your face.


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In our quest for the perfect shave, we have designed a razor that you can customize to your face for a one-of-a-kind shave.



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