Med Shave

hospital shaving lotion

Hi Tech Shaving Systems Newest Revolutionary Product

Med Shave

medical shaving solution

It’s obvious why we’re excited about Med Shave, one of the first shaving products specifically designed for hospitals. It’s easy to use, saves time and does more than simply provide the patient with a close, clean shave.

Here’s how it works: You spray a light, lubricating mist on the patient’s face, softening his hair follicles and soothing his skin. The razor glides across his face, and unlike with traditional shaving solutions, there’s no mess to clean up when you’re done. You can complete the shaving process in under a minute,while treating the patient’s skin with comforting moisturizers and also sterilizing the blade.


None of this is going to happen if you’re using traditional shaving solutions – and we back up our innovative shaving mist with our 100-percent money-back guarantee.

What Is Med Shave?

  • An FDA approved shaving lotion

  • Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin

  • Neutral pH factor @ 7%

  • Significant time savings in shaving

Med Shave

  • „Sterilizes blade with every use
  • „One minute to shave
  • „No messy cleanup
  • „Neutral \pH 7%
  • „3% stearic acid
  • „Blade glides over skin
  • „Closer shave

Traditional Shave Cream

  • „Does not sterilize blade
  • „Minimum 5 minutes to shave
  • „Messy cleanup with cream
  • „8.5% pH or higher; more acid
  • „7% stearic acid
  • „Thick cream, causing snow shovel effect
  • „causes more pressure ,which causes skin irritation

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