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Unlike when you use traditional shaving cream, you spray Soft Shave on your face. Instead of harsh and possibly harmful soap, we use specially formulated skin-care products that soften your hair and at the same time protect your skin. Shaving lotion leaves your face dry and uncomfortable, but, with Soft Shave, your face remains soft and moisturized, even after you’re finished shaving.


Are you tired of taking five minutes to shave?

Do you want to say goodbye to the mess forever?

With Soft Shave, you can shave in less than a minute, and there won’t be a mess for you to clean up.


Our research shows that there are two causes of razor burn:

1) With thick shaving lotion, you have to apply a lot of pressure to remove the soap, which causes excess exfoliation;

2) Traditional shaving lotions contain stearic acid, which has a high pH factor and irritates your skin in order to create an effect known as budding.

razor burn

        We have solved the problem of razor burn with a product called Soft Shave. With Soft Shave, you use a light mist, which requires very little pressure to shave. Your razor glides across your face. We created budding without a high pH factor, using broccoli oil and coconut oil, which create budding because of their low molecular structure.

Soft Shave was developed after five years of intensive research, including the work of four chemical engineers, two from the United States and two from China.

Here are 10 reasons why Soft Shave is the best shaving solution.

  1. It’s faster – it provides a close shave.
  2. If provides a closer shave because there’s less distance between the razor and your face. With traditional shaving cream, there’s too much distance between the razor and your face to get a close shave.
  3. Soft Shave is the only shaving solution that kills the micro-organisms growing on your razor blade. Every time you use Soft Shave, it sterilizes your razor blade.
  4. We have eliminated razor burn.
  5. Our 4-ounce bottle is travel friendly and gives you up top 2.5 months of shaving comfort.
  6. Every time you use Soft Shave, it moisturizes and comforts your skin. You don’t need after-shave.
  7. Soft Shave is fast and easy to apply. Just spray on a light mist, work it in and you’re ready to shave.
  8. We don’t use any propellants, so our product is environmentally friendly.
  9. Shaving lotion has seven basic ingredients. We use over 20 ingredients, and we offer Soft Shave at about the same price as traditional shaving cream.
  10. Because of the oils in Soft Shave, your razor blades will last longer.

shaving system

We just explained to you why our product is 10 times better than anything else out there. 



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