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How does Zipp Mist work?

Zipp Mist penetrates your facial hair and causes it to expand, making it easy for your razor to cut. Unlike traditional shaving cream, however, Zipp Mist does not have a high pH factor. Most shaving soaps and creams irritate and dry out your skin.

Does Zipp Mist eliminate razor burn?

It does. Zipp Mist consists of 20 soothing oils and skin conditioners that provide you with a clean, smooth shave. Your razor will glide across your face. As an added benefit, the ingredients in Zipp Mist will continue working to baby your face even after you are finished shaving.

How much Zipp Mist should you use?

Just spray a light mist on your face and start shaving.

Why is Zipp Mist a better option than traditional shaving cream?

Traditional shaving cream is thick and creamy, which means you have to put a lot of pressure on your face to remove it. And the high pH factor in most shaving creams irritate your face, leading to uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn. Zipp Mist, on the other hand, is a light mist, a soothing combination of oils and skin conditioners that take care of your face while you are shaving and after you are finished.

Are there any other advantages to using Zipp Mist instead of traditional shaving cream?

Yes. Zipp Mist is the only shaving product that sterilizes your razor every time you use it. It kills the bacteria that have a tendency to thrive on razor blades.

Will using Zipp Mist save you time?

It certainly will. Using Zipp Mist, most men can complete the shaving process in about a minute. Shaving with traditional shaving cream can take five minutes or longer.

How does the cost of Zipp Mist compare with the cost of traditional shaving gels and creams?

You can actually save money using Zipp Mist. At first glance, it might be a little more expensive than traditional shaving cream. However, since you need to use only a small amount to shave each day, a bottle of Zipp Mist will last a lot longer than a can of shaving cream.

Can women enjoy the benefits of Zipp Mist?

Yes. Many of them are already using Zipp Mist for Women to shave their legs or simply as a deep, hydrating moisturizer for dry skin – or both.

What are some of the ingredients that make up Zipp Mist?

We have developed a product that consists of 20 soothing oils and skin conditioners. Among them are broccoli seed oil, sesame oil and coconut oil.

Where did the idea for Zipp Mist come from?

Mark Goodson developed Zipp Mist out of necessity. Every time he shaved, he suffered from uncomfortable and unsightly razor burn. After five years of intense research, he came up with the perfect combination of ingredients.

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