Shaving Product Informartion

Superior Application



Soft Shave is a new and revolutionary way to treat your face. Follow these five steps to start every day with the closest and most comfortable shave ever.

1) Start with shaving solution. Shake it and spray a small amount on your razor.

2) Shake and spray Soft Shave under your chin, then spray it on your hands and work it into your skin until your hands move smoothly across your face.

3) Experiment. Establish a pattern across your face that will allow you to shave in any direction without razor burn. If your razor pulls at all, try spraying that area with a little bit more Soft Shave.

4) Next, apply water to your razor and follow the pattern you created one more time. Then rub your hand over your face to see if you can find areas that you might have missed.

5) Finish the job by spraying Glide on your razor, which will give you an entire month of shaving without having to change your blades.


Troubleshooting Our Shaving Products

What happens if our shaving products stop spraying? Here’s all you need to know:

1) Remove the cap from the bottle.

2) Rinse off the clear plastic intake tube with water.

3) Sometimes the water evaporates and changes the parameters of viscosity, making the product too thick to spray. All you have to do is add two tablespoons of water to the product and shake it.

4) Then, to re-prime your sprayer cap, insert the clear plastic intake tube into the upper part of your shaving solution, and press down on the sprayer until the shaving solution sprays out.

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