Tac Shave

military shaving

At HiTech Shaving Systems, we’ve introduced an innovative shaving solution designed specifically for the military.


How is Tac Shave different? It comes in a small, 4-ounce spray container that will provide you with more than two months of shaving comfort – but that’s not all. You just spray a light mist on your face, and add a little water to your razor, which will virtually glide across your face. One of the key ingredients in Tac Shave is sesame seed oil, which soothes your skin – that’s vitally important if you’re living in a harsh, dry environment.

Unlike with traditional shaving solutions, there’s no mess to clean up when you’re done. Tac Shave consists of soothing moisturizers that are absorbed into your skin. It’s a perfect shaving situation, especially when you’re out in the field with no access to running water.

Instead of using shaving cream that dries out your face and leaves you with a mess to clean up, why not try TacShave? You’ll enjoy a close, clean shave, you’ll save time and, when you’re finished, your skin will feel amazing.

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